Scotch Plains Estate Planning Lawyer

Knowledgeable Estate Planning Lawyer Protecting the Legacies of Scotch Plains Individuals and Families

While most people recognize how important it is to plan for the future—their own and that of their loved ones—it never really feels like the "right time" to sit down and create an estate plan. It's easy to procrastinate and put this task off for another time. However, we never know what the future holds, so taking some time right now to put a solid estate plan in place is essential, should the unexpected occur.

Patricia A. Mack Attorney at Law is here to help you understand all of your estate planning options so that you can feel confident in the protections you are creating for yourself and your loved ones. She is dedicated to working closely with you to understand your specific needs so that she can ensure your estate plan affords you all the protections you need.

Estate Planning in New Jersey

Many people hear the term “estate plan” and they automatically assume this means a will. While a will is certainly an important aspect of estate planning, there are several other components that offer further protections to you and your family members. When estate planning attorney Patricia A. Mack meets with you, she will devote some time to getting to know you—including your specific concerns and goals. From there, she will walk you through a variety of estate planning options, such as appointing a health care representative, creating an Advance Directive for health care, assigning a durable power of attorney to handle financial matters, selecting beneficiaries, creating a will, and/or establishing a living trust. Whatever your unique needs may be, Ms. Mack will make sure that your future and your legacy are protected as firmly as possible.

Customized Estate Planning Services

Patricia A. Mack has devoted her professional career to serving her clients with empathy and respect. She deeply enjoys forging authentic connections with each and every client, making them feel seen, heard, and valued. By connecting with you on a personal level, Ms. Mack can then determine which estate planning strategies to use in order to help you achieve your goals and protect your future. If you are ready to make sure the future remains bright for you and your loved ones, reach out to Patricia A. Mack Attorney at Law to get started.

To learn more about the estate planning process in New Jersey, contact Patricia A. Mack Attorney at Law at (908) 859-4077. Schedule a consultation with a dedicated and friendly Scotch Plains estate planning attorney today.