Impaired Driving & Marijuana DUI Defense Attorney

Experienced Attorney Defending New Jersey Clients Facing Impaired Driving or Marijuana DUI Charges

Being charged with a DUI involving alcohol, marijuana, or other controlled substance can be frightening, and you probably have many questions. What will happen next? How will this impact your future? What could a conviction do to your reputation or employment status?

When facing these intimidating questions, it can be reassuring to contact a knowledgeable defense attorney who can help you talk through your concerns. Patricia A. Mack Attorney at Law has been providing support and trusted legal guidance to individuals and families in the greater New Jersey area for over 25 years, and she is committed to assisting you through this challenging time with the compassion and support you need.

Understanding the Whole Picture

Attorney Patricia A. Mack works hard to understand your point of view. No matter what the charges may be, she wants to hear from you and address your concerns and anxieties first and foremost. Once she has a clear picture of the situation, she will develop an effective legal strategy that increases your chances of having these charges reduced or dropped altogether. There are many tactics for combatting DUI charges, especially when it comes to determining whether your rights were violated in any way during your arrest. Errors can and do occur at any stage of the process, such as when someone pulled over,  whether they are given breath or blood tests to determine intoxication, the circumstances for being placed under arrest, and other potential violations. Ms. Mack will examine the details of your arrest very carefully in order to determine how to best push back against these charges.

Experience You Can Trust

After spending nearly two decades as a municipal prosecutor, attorney Patricia A. Mack is keenly aware of the wide range of defenses available for DUI charges. She believes in working hard to ensure that her clients receive a fair chance at a bright future. If you have been charged with an offense involving impaired driving or marijuana DUI, please contact Patricia A. Mack Attorney at Law as soon as possible so that you can begin to build a strong defense that will hopefully lead to a brighter tomorrow.

If you or someone you love is currently facing an impaired driving or marijuana DUI charge in New Jersey or surrounding areas, you need a reliable and effective defense attorney you can trust. Contact Patricia A. Mack Attorney at Law today by calling (908) 859-4077 to speak to a dedicated lawyer who will work hard to protect your future.